Selected Work
   Sign Language
   Significant Others
   Northern Lights
   84 Days Without a Fish

All images and content © Celeste Fichter

There there (2004 – 2005)
Referencing the photographic prac­tice of documenting artifacts in a direct manner, There there centers on fabricated found objects and homemade readymades - subjective objects documented objectively.

Spanish Orange (2002-2003)
A distillation of traditional drawing technique to the basic raw language of the line, Spanish Orange is a formal exploration of the color orange and its associations with psycho­logical stimulation.

Before Striking (2001)
The invention of the lighter and anti-smoking campaigns have threatened the extinction of the match. Hu­manized by its stick figure, Before Striking imagines the fate of match and its quiet desperation.

Afterall (1999-2001)
An installation assembled from found objects, Afterall depicts a community of readymades living in a parallel universe where through each cha­racter’s drama all manner of foible and folly are explored.